Brides and Bridesmaids

  • A beautiful feather wedding shawl
    £ 59.00

    >>>The Snow Goose Collar<<<

    A beautiful wedding shawl made from good quality feathers and lined in satin which does up at the front with a tie ribbon. The perfect way to accessorise a winter wedding.

  • a red taffeta traditional bridemaids dress
    £ 490.00

    >>>Taffeta Bridesmaids Dress<<<

    This taffeta dress can be made to your measurements. The dress has a full circle skirt in a typically vintage style and comes with a plain ribbon sash but a motif in a number of styles can also be added . The dress can also be made in ivory or white and many other colours including...

  • A feather wedding shawl
    £ 125.00

    >>>The Tundra Wedding Shawl<<<

    The Tundra swan is the smallest of the swans to visit the UK. They come from the far North of Siberia every December and their arrival signals the start of a crisp English Winter. 

    This is a classic ivory feathered wedding shawl lined with satin perfect for the winter wedding...

  • A photo of an ivory wedding shawl
    £ 110.00

    >>>The Ptarmigan Shawl<<<

    The Ptarmigan is a magical bird that lives in our Scottish Mountains. When the winter snows arrive the birds shed their summer feathers and become snow white to blend perfectly with their stunning background. 

    Inspired by the flawless plumage of this elusive bird we designed the...

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