The Tundra Wedding Shawl

>>>The Tundra Wedding Shawl<<<

The Tundra swan is the smallest of the swans to visit the UK. They come from the far North of Siberia every December and their arrival signals the start of a crisp English Winter. 

This is a classic ivory feathered wedding shawl lined with satin perfect for the winter wedding. All the dove down feathers are hand laid into the ribbon header which is then stitched to hold everything in place. 

The shawl sits comfortably on the shoulders and across the back. It has ribbon arm straps to prevent it from slipping off the shoulders. 


Made from high quality dove down feather on a satin backing with a delicate ribbon tie at the front.

Also available in black and brown.

This wrap is one size



Price: £ 148.04
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